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Products Overview

Byokane offers products specializing in custom parts requested by our customers, with expertise in JIS and other automotive standards.  With the Vietnam facility licensed for the production of Taptite screws, we have extensive experience working with and responding to our customers' global needs.

With manufacturing and distributing located globally, we can deliver the products you need.

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Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing and Logistics
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Raw Materials

Raw materials are procured from global suppliers and material specs are verified through various checks and inspection upon delivery to the manufacturer.  All raw materials are required to pass inspection before used for production of parts.  

Header and Forming

Byokane specializes in header and cold-forming manufacturing, where Byokane-owned and joint venture facilities with ISO / IATF certifications produce parts globally.  Raw materials are processed through cold-forming dice, manufactured to customer specifications.  The forming process produces a blank part which is then threaded or machined to its final dimensions. 


Specific parts may be fully produced through a machining process.

Rolling and Threading

The blanks are processed through a rolling process to add threading.  The threads may be machined for further precision.  The Byokane facility in Vietnam has acquired a Taptite license, allowing for production of fasteners with license-specific threads.  

Heat Treat
Heat Treatment

Cold-formed and threaded parts are heat treated, annealed, and/or baked to conform to customer-specific hardness and brittleness standards.  After heat treatment, parts are verified through hardness inspection tests to confirm that the final product meets the customer standards.

Plating and Surface Treatment

Heat treated parts are barrel-plated with metal and chemical treatments to match customer standards for rust prevention.  Parts without plating requirements are typically treated with anti-rusting agents to prevent corrosion.  After plating and surface treatments, adhesives may be applied to the shaft and/or threaded areas according to customer standards.

Quality Inspection

After final processing, parts are verified for dimensional and specification conformity to the customer's drawings.  Only parts that pass the required inspection is approved for shipment to the Byokane (USA) warehouse in Georgia.  Quality inspections and documentation are performed at the manufacturing facility and verified for accuracy and conformity at Byokane (USA).  Any quality issues that arise are handled directly with the customer by Byokane (USA).

Shipping and Delivery

Final quality-assured parts are warehoused and packaged at Byokane distribution centers located globally.  Once packaged, parts are freighted directly to Byokane (USA), where customer shipments are warehoused.  Typically, 3 months of safety stock are kept in inventory to ensure timely deliveries of quality goods.

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